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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

The beauty of the Siamese Sable is sure to catch your eye! Probably my favorite color of all next to the Sable Point. I love the way the colors blend together in harmony and seem to give instant personality. This heat sensitive variety was developed by Joe Horacek and Nita Shannon in 2017

The genetic code is aaB_c(chl)_D_E

Eye color is brown with the exception of a permissible ruby cast.

The surface should be a rich sepia brown on the head, ears, back, outside of legs, and top of tail. It will fade to a lighter sepia on the sides, chest, belly, inside of the legs, and underside of the tail. Face color is dark to fade from the eyes to the jaw and all blending of color should be gradual and free from blotches or streaks. Under color will be slightly lighter than the surface.

Our Siamese Sable model here is

Hoops Juju. Wasn't she just the cutest little newborn kit! You can't miss the sepia colored tips when the fuzz starts to come in that first week.

Thank you Joe and Nita for working so hard to develop such a beautiful color for us to take out and exhibit!

You can check out more of Nita's beautiful Siamese Sables on the Legendary Farms Rabbitry page at Facebook.

Color information as written from the NALRC. To Learn more about Lionheads please check them out at this link provided for your convenience.

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