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LIONHEAD COLORS - Black Tortoiseshell

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Torts come in a few different varieties. Black, blue, chocolate & lilac. All are accepted by ARBA. Today we are talking about the Black Tort as written by the NALRC.

Hoops Dot is a black tort variety. She looks so sweet with the wind in her hair! Nothing like a good visual and we aim to please.

The genetic code is aaB_C_D_ee

Eyes should be brown.

A rusty orange saddle blending to a shading of darker color over the lower rump, haunches, belly, & feet. The color should extend down the hair shaft to an off white under-color. The top of the tail should match the body color. The underside tail should match the shadings near as possible. Shading on the head is darkest at the whisker bed, blending into a lighter shade along the jaw line and darkening again at the ear base, blending up the ears to match the body color. Look for uniform dark nails.

Tort is genetically a black rabbit with two non-extension (e) genes and is not a "shaded" color although they appear to be there is no shading gene (cccl).

The black tort will steal your heart!

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