Our Does

RIS GC Hoops Tinkerbell

Hoops Boss Baby X Hoops Olive Oil

"Tink" shown here at 6 1/2 months and heading into her first molt is a solid compact black doe who finished with10 legs, 4 BOB 1 BOS and most notable a Reserve In Show.  This litter was phenomenal.  Her littermates included the BIS GC Hoops Hero, BISS Hoops Harlow, GC Hoops Riff Raff and a lovely sable point. 




BISS GC Hoops Sassafras

Aspenleaf Fabio X Hoops Olive Oil

Sass is the epitome of her dam with all the best sprinkles of her sire.  Love this doe so much!  Her first show out she went BOB under judge Briony Smith in Rickreall Oregon She flew to her Championship!

Dam To
Hoops Halsey 1st Place Open Sr Tort 99th ARBA Convention 2022


BISS GC Hoops Hot Line Bling

Hoops Zaire X Aspenleaf Love Potion

"Bling" got a strong start in Hermiston, OR picking up 2 BOV legs then 2 more BOV legs in Stevenson, WA only to finish up at WCC with 2 Specialty BIS and 1 Open BOB.  This doe really knows how to show!


GC Hoops Splash

Aspenleaf Fabio X Hoops Olive Oil

Splash is our first blue tort.  She such a daddy's girl.  It was so fun watching her bloom. She surprised us finishing her championship when she went BOV 4 out of 5 shows at the Wanderlust R & C Cluster & Specialty in Rickreall, OR under Specialty judge Josh Humphries, Maddie Pratt, Cathy Szychulda & Randy Shumaker 

Hoops Juju

Legendary Bintu x Aspenleaf Love Potion

Juju is a lovely siamese sable doe. Pictured here at 4 1/2 months. 
She has1 jr leg going BOSV at TSFRCC under Cathy Ozura
Coating right back up after her first live litter and went back out to the show table picking up a Sr Leg under Misty Polasik with a BOSB at IERBA, Snowflake Jan, 2022
"Juju" went BOSV under Dr. Chris Hayhow, WRCS, St. Helens Or, Frozen Friends 
Her first litter was absolutely gorgeous sired by Hoops Boss Baby producing her first Champion!
GC Hoops La Ti Da
Hoops Hanky Panky went BOSV in all three shows then off to live at Legendary!  It was a fabulous weekend!

GCAspenleaf Corinne

GC Aspenleaf Rudy X Aspenleaf American Doll

Corinne came to us with 2 BOB legs on a Friday and finished up with a Sr BOV leg under judge Mary Whitney at Blue Mountain Rabbit Breeders, Hermiston OR.  Pictured here a week after her win at 10 months.  This doe is just lovely.  Thank you to her breeder Suzanne Hansen at Aspenleaf for sharing this lovely doe!

Hoops Dark Secret

Legendary Bintu X Aspenleaf Love Potion
"Secret" picked up 2 BOV placements at WSRBA Annual Convention. She spent time at Fuzzy Fu Fu Farms, Kendall Knutzen and then being spoiled at Willowmist Rabbitry in Vancouver, WA with Tiffany Kunter.  She is back home and bred to Hoops Hanky Panky.  

GC Lavender Field's Luscious

Photo curtesy of Dawn Beck Guye
Rolling Meadows Royce X CBR Maribella
"Luscious" picked up her 2nd leg with a BOB at Big Top Bunny, PF ID under judge Mary Whitney. Her name says it all!  Luscious is one beautiful doe and the whole litter was stunning!  Check out Lavender Fields Rabbitry to see her littermates racking up their wins.  Thank you Ashlyn for sharing this stunning doe with us and putting on that first leg!

Hoops Aspen

Hoops Zaire X Aspenleaf Love Potion

"Aspen" is a REW doe with all the bells and whistles!  Our second REW produced here at Hoops.  She picked up 6 legs out of 7 shows in Stevenson WA with a BIS under Alan Rafferty in the PNWLRC Specialty and a BOB under Cathy Szychulda

Lavender Fields Poppy

Photo curtesy of Dawn Beck Guye
Alpha Pride's Joffrey X Lavender Fields Bridgerton
This gorgeous smoke pearl doe came to us through the grace of Dawn Beck Guye at Lavender Fields, VA 
She has been bred to Hoops Hanky Panky.  We are very excited for this litter!  Thank You Dawn

RIS GC Hoops Hocus Pocus

"Hocus" placed 3rd in the junior tort doe class at the 99th ARBA Convention under judge Allen Barr at just 13 weeks old two weeks after going BOB under Mary Whitney at 11 weeks her first show out.  Then she picked up a RIS to finish in Moscow ID under judge Valerie Uptagrafft.  She just seems to put a spell on everybody!  

 GC Mane Event's Payday

This amazing girl is just here for a visit after winning the Open Sr Chocolate Doe at 99th ARBA Convention, Reno NV under judge Ashley Sweeney.  Payday then finished her last leg with a nice BOB under Samantha Henderson in Moscow ID and is bred to BISS GC Hoops Highlander 
Thank you to Shawna Whiting Payday's breeder and LeAnn Nelson, Tymeless Payday's co-owner for sharing this beautiful doe with us!

 RIS GC Hoops Vixen

This doe has been so much fun!  She flew to her Championship with RIS, BISS and multiple BOB placements. 
She is getting ready to have her 1st litter after placeing
BOSV at the 99th ARBA Convention, Reno NV under judge Ashley 

Hoops Belle

A petite tort doe with lots of pretty mane. "Belle" picked up a BOB Jr Leg under Randy Shumaker, BMRB, Hermiston OR her first weekend out then a nice BOV Sr Leg under Melissa Magee WRCS Stevenson WA