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Updated: Jan 10, 2022

From the day you decide to pair two of your beloved Lions together in hopes to create a few small miracles you will need a boat load of patience!

Your doe will need to be a least 6 months and sometimes it can take a bit more time before she is ready to be courted. Does only gestate around 31 days. Yes, 1 month. Can you believe that? I have found that they are in general great mothers and really enjoy their babies. Watching them prepare for birth is fascinating. Mine seem to dig from the day they are bred. They get moody and start to eat like they are carb loading for a marathon run. Just before they pop a nest is created out of the hair they pull off their own body to keep those babies warm and comfy. They seem to know exactly when the time is right. My experience has been only a day or two prior but with an experienced mother I have seen them pull hair the morning they delivered. Truly amazing how they know.

I get so excited to see a new litter. It feels like forever waiting for the day you see your doe pulling her hair. Then finally they arrive. We have a routine around here in which my granddaughter comes to help me weigh and inspect the new additions. We do this daily to make sure all is going well with the kits and mom isn't having any issues with nursing.

Now we wait for eyes to peep open around day 7. nice to meet you! I love this stage. They are adorable peeking out of the nest box at you. Then between 2 and 3 weeks they get their little jump on and out of the next box to explore their new world.

Watching them develop has been such a learning experience. 12 weeks seems to be the bench mark in making selections when considering who to keep and exhibit. 10 months to a year from start to show. If all goes well that is about as quick as you can accomplish this and bring it back to full circle. This year has really been a year of learning patience in so many ways. There are still no shows in our state due to Covid 19 but we are being patient in hopes to meet some other Lionhead enthusiasts soon.

Hoops Dark Secret pictured at 6 days above and looking beautiful here at 4 months. She is a seal doe out of Aspenleaf Love Potion and sired by Legendary Bintu.

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