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I WANT A BUNNY #preparations

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Owning a cute bun is AWESOME! A bunny is quiet and BONUS they bath themselves. I mean what more could you ask for in a pet right? Seriously though a rabbit, in particular a lionhead rabbit is a joy to own.

This post is about preparing for the bunny that you have of course reserved with your favorite breeder who is willing answer all your questions, and with healthy well bred stock is the right choice. Temperament for a pet rabbit should rank high on your list before color or sex. A breeder may not mind a rascally rabbit and choose a specific color for a predetermined outcome when bred or to improve an undesirable trait over temperament. But nothing beats a well socialized kit. A young bun that has been handled daily with gentle love and care and been exposed to all kinds of human sounds and touch will reward you with a long term love and acceptance.

Buns are lazy little fluff balls who don't take up a lot of space provided you give them room to exercise. I find a 30x24x18 size cage is my cinderella size. Well made to last this type of cage is easy to clean with a pull out refuse pan. Your bun won't ever sit in their own excrements. I purchase mine through KW Cages online. They have been great! It can take several weeks to receive your custom made cage so plan accordingly. I would suggest ordering your cage a month ahead to be sure it will arrive on time. They also provide a great array of rabbit products.

There is some assembly required but I am able to put these together with a nice pair of crimpers ( highly suggested tool). The base leg kit is extra but also worth it and you can even get wheels!!! Nice upgrade. These cages also stack. Buns are like chips, hard to have just one and don't plan on housing them together. They will fight, and you could have babies every month. That's a whole other blog. Who want's roommates anyway. I know I like my own private space to stretch out.

Some people don't use a cage at all. You can use excercise pens also sold a KW Cages with the appropriate spacing for a small rabbit.

A couple of these connected together make a perfect playground inside or out. Some people allow their bun to free roam and litter box train them. I use litter boxes and find this works pretty well. A simple and inexpensive small cat litter box does the trick. I hang a hay feeder directly above it to encourage them. My rabbits rarely ever urinate outside of the box but they will leave a poo trail. I use pine pellets from the local feed store in the bottom of the litter box.

You can see a video of a play area I set up for a litter of kits on Facebook at Hoop's Lionheads. I change my play areas all the time so my rabbits have new things to explore. Sometimes it is as simple as a pen on the grass in the summer with a cardboard box turned upside down with an entry/exit hole cut out. They don't ask for much. The more agility pieces you can come up with the more fun it is to watch their antics! I get creative with cat toys like this. One of my buns favorites! This is also very versatile.

Providing fresh water daily is a must for your bun! A cage cup works great but I like the ball end water bottle by Lixit. The 16oz is a great size. I use a baby bottle brush to clean mine out. I will warn you the ball can get stuck if your bun likes to chew. I had this happen once so it is imperative that you check your buns water consumption daily.

There are many philosophies out there on the care and nutrients of rabbits. You can research and make your own decisions on any of the items I am describing in this blog post. I am just sharing with you what I personally do with my herd.

Your bun will also enjoy Timothy Hay daily. I buy local fresh hay from a local feed store that I trust and a complete pellet. I use Purina complete.

These are the basic items you will need to before picking up your new addition. Providing your bun with stimulation from toys and your love and affection is all that is left for a happy healthy long term relationship.

There is nothing like some bunny love. Enjoy your fluff ball and treat it like royalty.

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