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Our History

This page is dedicated to the history of Hoops Rabbitry.  If you are researching rabbits in your pedigree you will be able to find those behind Hoops listed here.

They may not reside with us but every one of them was an integral  part of where our rabbits are at today.  We honor them here.


Legendary Bintu 

Legendary Congo x Legendary Ceili

                      Sire To
BOSV Hoops Olive Oil - 2 Jr Legs
BOSV Hoops Zaire - 1 Jr 1 Sr Leg
BOSB Hoops Hex 255 - 2 Jr Legs
BOV Hoops Dark Secret - 2 Sr Legs
BOSV Hoops Juju - 1 Jr Leg 1 Sr Leg


lengendary Magique5302020.jpg

Legendary Magique 

Aurora Dream's Fuego  X  J & A's Nessy

2X BOB Hoops Dot
BOSV Hoops Olive Oil
BOSV Hoops Zaire


Legendary Desiree 

Legendary Valentino  X  Legendary Mafia

"Desi" a lovely Smoke Pearl doe was lost to a Lynx up here on our mountain.  We have since tried to make our play yard bullet proof.  Look for this gorgeous color to be passed soon by her breeders at Legendary!


Hoops Dot

Aspenleaf Fabio X Legendary Magique

Dot came home from the WSRBA Convention with back to back BOB placements under
Allen Ormond, Ut and Chris Hayhow, OH
She is currently raising a litter sired by Hoops Zaire



Hoops Boss Baby X Hoops Olive Oil

"Hero" has racked up 9 legs, 3 BOB, 4 BOS and a BEST IN SHOW under Judge Kaiya Green. Not to shabby in six months time!
He is a lovely Siamese Sable buck with bountiful mane. Now residing in Malaysia with Jaafar Abu Hassan.
We are so proud to be able to share him and wish Jaafar the best of luck with his future Lionheads! 

GC Hoops Riff Raff

Hoops Boss Baby X Hoops Olive Oil

"Riff" is well balanced small sable buck who finished quickly going BOB under judge Misty Polasik his first show out.  He also received a nice Honorable Mention on the BIS table.  Finishing up his championship the next show weekend in St. Helens OR under judges Dr. Chris Hayhow and Maddie Pratt.
He can be found in Malaysia entertaining the ladies with his new owner Jaafar Abu Hassan.

Hoops Hanky Panky

Hoops Boss Baby X Hoops Juju

"Hank" is a Seal buck.  Pictured here at 3 1/2 months.  He has lots of attitude but will pose nicely for me.  Looks like he is going to have a fitted coat but there is some nice density and crimp!
Hank went BOSV in all three shows in St. Helens Oregon, WRCS Frozen Friends and is now residing at Legendary with Nita Shannon.
Can't wait to see what she will show up with ring side!  



GC Hoops Budokan

Hoops Zaire x Aspenleaf Love Potion

 "Booty" picked up 2 BOSB in Rickreall, Oregon under judges Maddie Pratt and Randy Shumaker at 3 months old.  He finished up with 3 BOB in Hermiston Oregon at Blue Mountain RBA under Valerie Uptagrafft, Melinda Schacher & Jessica Schwandt

GC Hoops La Ti Da

Hoops Boss Baby X Hoops Juju

"LaLa" soared to her finish and now resides happily at Lavender Fields with Dawn Beck Guye in VA. We are so happy to share "LaLa" with Dawn!

 Hoops Party Favor

Legendary Bintu X Legendary Magique

"Favor" is Olive's little litter sister.  
Pictured here at 1year, 3months old
she weights in at 2lb, 15 oz.  


Hoops Zaire

Legendary Bintu x Legendary Magique

Zaire is a moderate black buck who carries chocolate. He has an easy going personality and picked up a leg his first show out at WSRBA going BOV under Mr. Chris Hayhow. Pictured here at 10 months and molting but we think he is still pretty cute!
Sire To
GC Hoops Budokan
BISS GC Hoops Hot Line Bling
Hoops Taboo 2 Legs
Photo by Suzanne Hansen

Aspenleaf Love Potion

Aspenleaf Braveheart X Aspenleaf Chenille

                           Dam To
GC Hoops Budokan
BISS GC Hoops Hot Line Bling
BOSB Hoops Hex 255 - 2 Jr Legs
BOV Hoops Dark Secret - 2 Sr Legs
BOSV Hoops Juju - 1 Jr Leg 1 Sr Leg
BOB Hoops Taboo - 1 Jr Leg 1 Sr Leg


                            Grand Dam To
BIS GC Hoops Hero
GC Hoops Riff Raff
RIS GC Hoops Tinkerbell RIS
BISS GC Hoops Harlow



Hoops Olive Oil

Legendary Bintu X Legendary Magique

We are proud to share Olive with
Jaafar Abu Hassan in Malaysia. 
Olive's 1st Litter Produced by Aspenleaf Fabio
GC Hoops Sassafras
GC Hoops Splash
Her 2nd litter sired by Hoops Boss Baby produced
GC Hoops Riff Raff
BIS GC Hoops Hero
RIS GC Hoops Tinkerbell
BISS GC Hoops Harlow



BOTR Hoops JoJo

Hoops Zaire  X  Legendary Desiree

"Jojo" is a lovely pointed white doe who surprised us in this litter and has continued to steal our hearts.  She came home from Stevenson, WA with a nice big ribbon from the Pacific Northwest Lionhead Club Specialty winning BEST OF THE REST under judge Alan Rafferty. 
"JoJo" is getting spoiled with Zizie Hazizie in Malaysia


Hoops Taboo

Hoops Zaire X Aspenleaf Love Potion

Taboo shared a lovely win going BOB with her brother Hoops Budokan BOSB at just 3 months old their first show out with a nice entry of 75 in Rickreall Oregon. Her sister Dahlia placed 2nd and left the show with Kendall Knutzen, Fuzzy FuFu Farms, Mukilteo WA. Kendall has since had a nice Youth RIS Congratulations!
Taboo garnered her 2nd BOB right her in Spokane at the IERBA Snowflake Show under judge Ashley Sweeney
This beautiful girl now resides with Zizie Hazizie in Malaysia.  



Hoops Hex 255

Legendary Bintu X Aspenleaf Love Potion
Hex is just a wonderful buck!  He has 2 legs and now resides in Boise, ID with Crissi Hickman.
We hope he makes some beautiful babies for her!!!
Sire of Hoops Boss Baby

Hoops Juju

Legendary Bintu x Aspenleaf Love Potion
Juju had 2 legs and produced 1 champion for us.
GC Hoops La Ti Da

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