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Buying A Bunny

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We are a very small rabbitry breeding show stock for ourselves, but occasionally will have a few nice buns to share when our does decide to kindle large litters.

We only deal in pedigreed show quality rabbits.

That means the rabbit will have no disqualifications to keep them off the ARBA show tables.

It does not mean your bun will go out and win a Best In Show, but we sure hope it does, as that is what we ultimately breed for at Hoops! Quality not quantity is the goal!

This is your bunny at the end of the day so that doesn't mean you are required to show. You are more than welcome to take a bunny home just to love. It costs the same amount of energy, time and money to raise every rabbit so we don't charge less for "pets". We just choose not to share poor quality animals.

We are located in Spokane Valley WA. Transportation is arranged by the buyer. 10 weeks is the minimum age of purchase. This means your bunny must be 10 weeks of age to board with a transporter. You will need to pick up your rabbit in a timely matter. We cannot hold rabbits for extended periods of time. Sometimes it is possible to meet at a show. We are willing to work with professional transporters however, once the rabbit leaves our hands it is your responsibility. Rabbits are fragile so therefore cannot be guaranteed once they have left our care. This means all sales are final.

We are more than happy to help educate you to the needs of a Lionhead. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We don't always post what we may have available so contact us if you are looking. We are happy to help you find a bunny that suits your needs to the best of our ability.

We also occasionally sell stock that is already Granded and Proven. If you are interested in something specific for your breeding program contact us.

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